Bos2 – March 2015

Sadot Winery is one of the most beautiful boutique wineries in Israel, if not “the” most beautiful. Excellent wines are produced – special, delicate and European – these are some of the qualities of this winery and its wines.


Y-Net February 2015

From the vast balcony, one views the Carmel and The Valley. A visit to this family winery founded in 2012 pleases and reminds one of small, local wineries in Europe.


Israel Wines

The start of Sadot Winery bodes well not only because of the first taste of the first wines. The administration and the approach adopted together with the heavy investment made sends a clear message – here is a significant project being run as it should.


Salona – August 2014

A short distance from Nahalal and you are in Moshav Sde Yaakov, an agricultural settlement of the religious Zionist Movement. At the Moshav, you can purchase superior olive oil, the excellent” Ilan” cheeses, as well as the charming Syrah wine from the new Sadot Winery.


Jerusalem Post – February 2015

Driving through the beautiful valley – now with green fields in full bloom –you can understand why the pioneers of Israel wrote so many songs about the Emek.


Globes – February 2015

At Sde Ya’akov, you visit Sadot Winery, a fresh and promising winery established by Roi Levy producing 8,000 bottles of wine per year. Some of the wines are blended and light. Visitors are invited to tour and to taste on the wonderful balcony that looks out on to a vista of vineyards and fields.


Arkia magazin

The vineyard winery and visitors centre overlook the spectacular view of the Jezreel Valley, enclosed by the view of the Mount Carmel ridge, and where the nearby water reservoir enhances a “Tuscan” atmosphere of peace ,and grace.