The Winery

Sadot Winery was established in 2009 when the first vineyard was planted. Facing the beautiful sceneries of Mount Carmel to the north and the green fields of the Jezreel Valley to the south, the varieties planted were carefully selected to suit the prevalent climate and soil in order to achieve the highest quality wine. In 2012, as the first harvest approached, the winery was established in the heart of the vineyards using a mix of both traditional and advanced technologies in the wine production process. The winery gained the respected title of “Estate Winery” as the grapes used being only those from the vineyards. The production capacity is presently 8,000 bottles per year and includes red, white and Rosѐ wines. The winery is fully Kosher.

The Vineyards

The first vineyard of Sadot Winery surrounds, the winery. At the planting stage, much emphasis had been put on selecting the most suitable varieties. The varieties Syrah, Petite Syrah, Shiraz and Tempranillo were selected as the red varieties while Muscat Canelli had been chosen for white. The careful attention and supervision given to the production from the growing stage in the vineyard are vital in achieving the highest quality of wine. The proximity of the vineyard to the winery allows for delivery of the grapes for processing at the optimal temperature and quality to facilitate fermentation at the ideal state. During 2016, the planting of a second vineyard is planned on a close-by hilly area overlooking the Jezreel Valley. Additional red and white varieties have been selected.


The People


Roi Levy, Manager

Roi is a graduate in Economics from the University of Haifa. During the planning stages of the winery and vineyard, he lived in Tel Aviv working as an Economic Counsellor. With the approach of the first harvest, he returned to the farm to manage the business. He heads the processing team, advised by a senior winemaker Roi markets the wine in Israel and hosts groups and individuals that come to tour the vineyard and winery.


Ze’ev Levy, Owner

Raised in Tel Aviv, Ze’ev moved to the Jezreel Valley on completion of his agricultural studies at the Faculty of Agriculture of The Hebrew University purchasing the farm at Sde Yaakov. After years of growing various crops, Ze’ev decided to plant a vineyard on the best field of the farm and to set-up the winery next to the field. Bringing in the most modern equipment designed for wine-making, Ze’ev is in charge of the growing process. With his experience and contacts abroad, he is also involved in pushing forward export of the wines.