Visiting the Winery

The experience of an organized trip to Sadot Winery begins on entering the farm and being exposed to the vineyard and winery which face the landscape of the Carmel mountain range and the reservoir below the range. Many visitors have mentioned that this experience reminds them of similar visits in France or in Italy. Only 10 kilometers from the northern exit of the trans-Israel highway, one can relax on the winery balcony viewing the Jezreel Valley, the hills of Sheik-Abreik and Ramot Menashe, enjoying the taste and quality of the wines and that of the local cheese and olive oil.



The vineyard and the winery host various events. Every few months, the winery celebrates the introduction of a new wine, hosts local wine producers for the farmers’ market or has ‘wine and cheese’ evenings. Our site is available to rent for Company events, including team-building sessions, celebratory events and management meetings. Private events include weddings and other family occasions. Various workshops are held in collaboration with Chefs and culinary experts.



During a tour of the visitors’ Centre at Sadot Winery, one experiences all stages of the wine-making process. In the vineyard next to the winery, one tastes the grapes with explanations as to the differentiation between varieties and understanding the different stages of growth and vineyard practice. The tour continues in the basement of the winery where the wine is produced and matures, learning about the equipment used, the fermentation tanks, the wooden barrels and the production process. The tour concludes with tasting the produced wines while enjoying the fantastic view. Tours for individuals and groups take place from Sunday to Friday and require advanced booking.